Stopping Iran's Atomic Quest

(National Post-Canada) Editorial - This is no time for the international community to dither over which approach is most likely to persuade Iran to give up its quest for an atomic bomb. The Western powers must do all they can - together - to make it clear to the ayatollahs that they will not be permitted to build or possess nuclear weapons. And if the West cannot present a united front, then the Americans - again - will have to take the lonely lead. In a prominent national sermon in December, 2001, former Iranian president Hashemi Rafsanjani declared that the day "the world of Islam comes to possess [nuclear] weapons" will be "the arrogance will come to a dead end." He added that a bomb used against Israel "would leave nothing on the ground" and would rid the world of much "extraneous matter." The major Western nations must not be timid about following Israel's lead in destroying Iraq's Osirac reactor in 1981 before it could come on line and produce raw material for bombs. Special forces missions and surgical air strikes may be needed. Iran must be stopped, soon.

2003-10-03 00:00:00

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