Israel Hasn't Stopped Pressing Russia on Air Defense System to Syria

(McClatchy) Sheera Frenkel - Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that while his country had every right to sell arms to the Syrian government, Moscow had not yet delivered the advanced S-300 air defense system to Damascus. But that has not cooled a war of words over the S-300s that some say could threaten an outright war between Israel and Russia over the sophisticated missile defense system. Most sources on the S-300 system say it's designed to shoot down aircraft and missiles within about 90 miles. But Israeli defense officials insist the actual range is greater - 125 miles. Given Israel's small airspace, the longer range would place most aircraft within range. Israeli officials say they are also concerned that Iran or the militant group Hizbullah in Lebanon will get their hands on the weapon.

2013-06-12 00:00:00

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