Discovering the Shihab-3

(Ha'aretz) - Ze'ev Schiff The real Israeli answer to the Iranian Shihab-3 missile is not the Arrow anti-missile missile system. In deterring a country like Iran, where the leadership defines itself as an enemy of Israel, the determining factor is Israel's strategic arm. Tehran is moving large sums of money to Iraq to influence elements there to harass the Americans and incite the Shi'ites. There is evidence that the Iranians are continuing their military nuclear development, with serious suspicions that Pakistan is the source of the know-how for manufacturing uranium-enriching centrifuges. If Pakistani elements did it without the knowledge of Gen. Musharraf, it is a sign of Pakistan losing control over important nuclear technology. Iran continues to encourage Palestinian terror in the territories through a Hizballah connection to Fatah gangs. It would be interesting to see the Iranian reaction if Israel were to aid Iranian opposition groups.

2003-07-23 00:00:00

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