Sharon Looks for Big Win to Force Unity Government

(Jerusalem Post) - Gil Hoffman Labor Party chairman Amram Mitzna is expected to refuse his critics' calls to quit the Labor chairmanship and unequivocally rule out bringing Labor into the coalition. Without support from Labor, Sharon intends to form a narrow government at first, and then hope Labor will join the coalition later on, when the Iraq war is under way. Sharon's advisers said the prime minister intends to shun his natural allies, Shas and the National Union, and turn first to Labor and Shinui. Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert, talking on Sharon's behalf, reportedly told Shinui leader Yosef (Tommy) Lapid that if Shinui receives the double-digit mandates predicted for the party, it will have a new responsibility as a large party to enter the government and impact its policies. Lapid is said to be interested in the Justice portfolio.

2003-01-28 00:00:00

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