The EU Needs to Move Closer to the U.S.

(Jerusalem Post) Per Ahlmark - • When it comes to the Middle East, what is necessary is a very different European approach from the one we have seen during the first three years of this century. •First, we Europeans should closely cooperate with the U.S. When the U.S. and the EU are split, unfortunate things easily happen. Saddam, the Arafat regime, the rogue states, and the terrorist organizations all exploit any schism in the Western world. They love to see Europeans heaping scorn on U.S. leaders. •Secondly, we should politically support Washington in what is likely to be the inevitable strike against Iraq. And later during the inevitable "nation building" in Iraq, the EU has to be an active and resourceful ally of America. •Third, if after the war a window of opportunity opens in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, Europe should try to be close to the U.S. when a peace process is restarted. •As Europe stands today, words and other EU initiatives are making life easier for two of the worst liars and killers in the modern history of the Middle East, Arafat and Saddam. Per Ahlmark is former deputy prime minister of Sweden.

2003-01-24 00:00:00

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