Will Saddam Send Terrorists to Attack U.S. Targets?

(U.S. News) David E. Kaplan and Kevin Whitelaw - The last time that America went to war against Iraq, Saddam dispatched some 40 two-man teams to attack U.S. targets. But the squads were "crude and unprofessional," said a former FBI official. U.S. officials fully expect Baghdad to try again should the U.S. invade Iraq. Most officials, however, are not unduly alarmed. The handful of terrorist groups based in Iraq are largely inactive, and U.S. intelligence has found no evidence of solid ties between Iraq and al Qaeda's Islamists. Nor is there a precedent. In keeping with Saddam's obsession with control, the regime so far has employed only Iraqi nationals under the direct command of intelligence officials.

2003-01-17 00:00:00

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