Hizbullah's Asylum Offer to Syrian Alawites

(Asharq Alawsat-UK) - Huda al Husseini With Syria's accelerating and inevitable collapse, Iran is preparing to back an Alawite entity made up of the Syrian provinces adjacent to the Lebanese border. This region includes the big port in Latakia that continues to be used to provide supplies to Hizbullah in Lebanon. At the same time, Iran is working to place all of Lebanon under its control. According to reliable sources, Hizbullah began last month to propose to Alawite officers in the Syrian army to seek refuge in Lebanon. On one hand, the aim was to calm the growing concern of many Alawite officers that they may be tried as war criminals. On the other hand, the offer aims at reinforcing the ranks of Hizbullah's fighters with veteran Alawite officers with high combat experience. These moves are led from behind the scenes by one of the security aides of Hizbullah's secretary general. Hizbullah is concentrating on Syrian officers that are experienced in the use of modern weapons systems, particularly Russian-made, long-range rockets and anti-aircraft missiles.

2013-02-18 00:00:00

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