Who Really Wants Mideast Peace?

(New York Post) Lawrence Grossman - As pollsters have found, Israelis dearly want peace. But they know they can't trust the Palestinian Authority. For more than four years, the PA avoided the negotiating table; then it went to the UN General Assembly to obtain nonmember observer-state status. In making his case before that body, PA President Mahmoud Abbas called Israel a racist, apartheid state that practices ethnic cleansing - hardly the words of someone eager for a peaceful two-state solution. Worst of all, Israelis know that even an agreement with the PA won't placate the Hamas regime in Gaza, which officially promotes anti-Semitism, preaches the destruction of Israel and views indiscriminate missile attacks on Israeli civilians as all in a day's work. The writer is the American Jewish Committee's director of publications.

2013-01-11 00:00:00

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