Anti-Semitism in Germany Today: Its Roots and Tendencies

(Jewish Political Studies Review) Susanne Urban - Right-wing groups and neo-Nazis are no longer the only ones who agitate against Israel and Jews. Germany has seen a growth of leftist anti-Semitism along with anti-imperialist, antiglobalization, and anti-Zionist attitudes, all reinforcing the new German claim of having been victims in WW II. There is a widespread animus against Israel, clearly not only toward Israeli policies, that often goes along with pro-Palestinian partisanship. This development is intensified by anti-Israeli media coverage in Germany, often accompanied by anti-Semitic language and images. Laying the blame for "immoral" conduct on Israel and, therefore, "the Jews," Germans see themselves as having learned the lessons of the Shoah by being watchmen against "immoral" politics.

2004-12-10 00:00:00

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