The Jews of Egypt

(UPI/Washington Times)Rami Mangoubi - Anti-Semitism in Egypt predates the Arab-Jewish conflict. As far back as 1860, Egyptian bureaucrats interpreted citizenship decrees to exclude Jews. As a result of the Nationality Law of 1929, 90% of the country's 80,000 Jews were denied Egyptian citizenship, though many had ancestors in Egypt going back centuries. Nevertheless, Jews managed to contribute more than their share to Egypt's well being. They introduced modern industry to Egypt, specifically textile and sugar. They established the suburb of Maadi, and introduced public transportation (the Suarez Company). Daud Hosni, one of Egypt's foremost composers, is Jewish, and his grandchildren now live in Israel. Murad Farag, an active Zionist and Egyptian patriot, was one of the lawyers who contributed to the writing of Egypt's first constitution.

2004-11-26 00:00:00

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