Civil Rights on Campus

[New York Sun] Editorial - The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights' Public Education Campaign to End Campus Anti-Semitism website reports that "anti-Semitic bigotry is no less morally deplorable when camouflaged as anti-Israelism or anti-Zionism." "Substantial evidence suggests that many university departments of Middle East studies provide one-sided, highly polemical academic presentations and some may repress legitimate debate concerning Israel." It also gives suggestions to students on how to react to anti-Semitic incidents. The battle against anti-Israel sentiment on campus will be a long struggle and not an easy one, but recognizing that much of it is motivated by old-fashioned bigotry is part of a winning strategy for Israel's friends on campus and even for those who merely believe that no student in an American university should be discriminated against based on religion.

2007-04-20 01:00:00

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