French Anti-Semitism: A Barometer for Gauging Society's Perverseness

(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Interview with Shmuel Trigano by Manfred Gerstenfeld - The Jews' situation in France is indicative of the condition of French society. Substantial anti-Semitic violence in recent years underscores several of the country's major problems. The government affirms its determination to combat anti-Semitism while at the same time continuing to feed the anti-Semitic discourse at its origins. The ongoing anti-Jewish aggression has created a trend toward mental and behavioral ghettoization of the French Jewish community, as many Jews now feel secure only in a Jewish environment. For the same reason, the enrollment in Jewish day schools has increased. In a 2003 poll, almost 20% of French Jews said they intend to leave France.

2004-10-29 00:00:00

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