Women Warriors of the Mossad - The Israeli Secret Service

(Globes) Vered Ramon-Rivlin - One of the State of Israel's most important assets are the women serving as senior operatives in Israel's intelligence agency, the Mossad. They disappear from their homes, emerge under various identities, and rub shoulders with the enemy. A spy who is captured in an enemy country can expect tough interrogation, torture, and execution. There are cells in the field in which women make up half the force. There are operational units that have a woman as their commander. The Mossad seeks to frustrate by whatever means possible any plotted evil, including terrorist attacks and forbidden deals, the Iranian and other nuclear weapons programs, and the arming of Hizbullah and hostile countries with long-range missiles. The women agents live chameleon lives. One day they walk around in sharply tailored clothes like senior businesspeople, and the next they are ragged street sellers. On the streets all the time, all the time changing identities, and all this in enemy countries. For the first time, five senior Mossad women agents, with ranks equivalent to colonel and brigadier-general, have been given permission to speak. All of them are mothers, and at the same time command teams of agents.

2012-09-28 00:00:00

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