Consequences for Syria

(Washington Post) Editorial- Heat from the outside world has been slowly rising on the world's remaining Arab Baathist dictatorship - Syria. Syria's government has been a longtime sponsor of terrorism, a stockpiler of missiles and chemical weapons, and an unapologetic ally of Islamic extremists; it has allowed hundreds, if not thousands, of insurgents to stream across its borders to fight U.S. forces in Iraq. The Security Council should renew its demand that Syria withdraw from Lebanon, and accompany it with the threat of sanctions. The Bush administration and Iraqi leaders should make it clear that continued infiltration of insurgents and terrorists into Iraq will be considered a hostile act by Syria and subject to the responses usually given an enemy, from the breaking off of relations to - in the last resort - military retaliation. There are no reasons for continued toleration of Syria's rogue behavior; instead, there is an opportunity for insisting on change in the Arab state where it is most needed.

2004-10-12 00:00:00

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