Iran's War on Israel

(Wall Street Journal) Editorial - The suicide bombing that killed five Israeli tourists and a local Bulgarian bus driver on Wednesday was all too familiar. The Jewish state has been in a virtual state of war since its birth in 1948, and in recent years the chief threat has emanated from Iran and its terror proxies. American officials confirm that the bomber belonged to a Hizbullah cell. A Hizbullah man was arrested in Cyprus last week, suspected of plotting to attack Israeli tourists at a beach resort. Kenyan officials last month arrested two Iranians who were shipping high explosives into the country and scoping out U.S. and Israeli targets. In February, Israeli officials were targeted in bombing attacks in India, Georgia and Thailand. The atrocity in Bulgaria is another reminder about the nature of the Iranian regime. The Islamic Republic has become the world's leading terror sponsor. No wonder Israel is so worried about Iran's plans to build nuclear weapons. The wonder is that the U.S. and its allies continue to look for ways to reach a diplomatic understanding with the perpetrators of these unending attacks, rather than calling the regime what it is and working to overthrow it. Iran's killing of innocents will continue until the world decides to stop it.

2012-07-23 00:00:00

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