Morsi Is Israel's Nightmare

(Al Monitor) Ben Caspit - We have reached the moment feared by generations of Israeli intelligence and security chiefs. The ultimate nightmare scenario is playing out in front of our eyes - the same narrative that starred in the secret war games of the IDF - the moment when Egypt fell into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. All this transpires in the largest Arab country, Israel's major strategic peace partner, the regional anchor. True, Amos Gilad (head of the security-political office at the Israel Defense Ministry) will still fly secretly to Egypt and sit with the fellows from the Intelligence Agency (Mukhabarat) in Cairo and war won't break out with Egypt in the near future. Yet life will be a lot harder from now on. "Gaza Operation 2"? It will not be simple. Third Lebanon War? Same as above. Let's not forget that during the Second Lebanon War, Mubarak begged Olmert to crush Hizbullah. Now, instead of a regional power that hates Hamas, a sister-state to Hamas sits on our southern border. The Muslim Brotherhood views Hamas as colleagues.

2012-06-27 00:00:00

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