Free Syria Army: Hizbullah Fighters Present on the Battlefield

(Daily Star-Lebanon) Misbah al-Ali - Hizbullah fighters are on the ground in Syria, according to Riad al-Asaad, the commander of the rebel Free Syrian Army, who is based in Turkey. In an interview, Asaad said that "as for the involvement of Hizbullah fighters, we have confirmed that it is involved in events inside Syria, especially in Talkalakh and Homs. We have seen heavily armed (Hizbullah) convoys and several buses." Asaad noted that the establishment of a buffer zone between Turkey and Syria to provide cover for Syrian refugees was no longer an option. "First, the situation in Syria is improving in our favor, and developments are happening quickly. This puts the issue of a buffer zone and the request behind us," Asaad said. According to Asaad, the Syrian Army's elite 4th Division, headed by Maher Assad, "has completely collapsed. They have a shortage of equipment."

2012-06-27 00:00:00

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