Israel's Nuclear Program: No Double Standard

(International Herald Tribune) Gerald M. Steinberg - The U.S. and Israel are being accused of "double standards" by denying the Iranian regime the "right" to produce nuclear weapons. The huge differences between Iran and Israel are simply erased from reality. Beyond the imbalances in territory and population, the most important differences are related to core values and objectives. The leaders of Iran's Islamic Republic routinely deny the legitimacy of Jewish sovereignty and threaten genocide, but there is no Israeli equivalent. Iran parades Shihab missiles with signs saying "Wipe Israel Off the Map." Iranian actions are also without an Israeli equivalent. The Karine A weapons ship caught in January 2002 carrying tons of explosives and shoulder-launched missiles toward Gaza came from Iran. Hizballah, the terror group based in Lebanon that continues to attack Israelis, is led, financed, and trained by Iran. Iran and Hizballah also work closely with Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups, preparing and dispatching suicide bombers. In the murky hell of Iraq's car bombs, evidence of Iranian involvement is becoming stronger. The double standard comes from attempts to justify Iran's nonproliferation violations and to explain away missiles on parade accompanied by genocidal slogans.

2004-10-01 00:00:00

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