Arab Daily: Arab Country Assisting Israel Against Hamas

(Maariv International) Itamar Inbari - The London-based Arabic daily Al Hayat reports that an Arab intelligence agency has been cooperating with the Israeli Mossad, providing it with significant and sensitive information about Hamas bureaus in Damascus, Beirut, Teheran, and the Persian Gulf. A Western intelligence source hints that the country may be Egypt, claiming that Cairo is seeking to wean Damascus and the Palestinian terrorist organization from their alliance with Iran. On September 23, Assad threw Hamas leader Haled Mashal and Islamic Jihad chief Ramadan Salah out of Damascus, closing both groups' command and communications centers, and cutting off phones and electricity. Mashal had been dividing his time between Qatar, Damascus, and Cairo, and will feel the loss of the Syrian capital. Qatar denies Mashal a resident's permit and Cairo stipulates his continued acceptance of a ceasefire with Israel. If this ban from Damascus remains in force, Teheran will be the only capital where he can stay with no strings attached. In addition, Assad has concluded an agreement with the U.S. regarding patrolling the Syrian-Iraqi border and a crack-down on militants and terrorists joining the uprising in Iraq. Some small restrictions have been placed on the 3,500-4,000 Iraqi Baath leaders granted asylum in Syria.

2004-09-27 00:00:00

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