Time for More Pressure on Syria

(National Review) Elliott Abrams - There are two possible outcomes in Syria's civil war: Assad wins, by killing enough people to crush the rebellion, in which case Iran and Syria (and the regime's armorers in Russia) have a great victory. From this, dictators everywhere would learn that Ben Ali and Mubarak had it all wrong and simply failed to kill enough protesters. Or, Assad loses, and with him Iran, Hizbullah, and Russia lose. This latter result does not require American troops or planes, but does require American leadership. American leadership means the coordinated supply of arms, ammunition, training, and non-lethal goods like radios and uniforms to the opposition forces. World opinion won't scare Assad any more than Kofi Annan does. It is time to end the charades and give the concrete help that will bring down this murderous anti-American regime.

2012-05-30 00:00:00

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