Israel Warns Hizbullah over Iran

(Telegraph-UK) Adrian Blomfield - Any Hizbullah retaliation to an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities would prompt Israel to launch a war in Lebanon so ferocious that it would take a decade to rebuild, a senior Israeli military officer has warned. "They will have to think about whether they want it or not. I hope that Iran will not push them into a war that Iran will not pay the price for but that Lebanon will," said the officer, a senior commander on Israel's northern border. The officer suggested that Israel had taken too cautious an approach in the 2006 conflict with Hizbullah, leading to the deaths of dozens of Israeli soldiers. No such mistake would be made in the next conflict, he said, especially as Hizbullah had built military sites in the center of many villages and towns in southern Lebanon. "In these villages where Hizbullah has infrastructure I will guess that civilians will not have houses to come back to after the war," he said. Hizbullah has acquired a stockpile of 50,000 rockets of greater sophistication and range than it had before and is capable of striking at Tel Aviv, more than 70 miles away, according to Israeli intelligence assessments.

2012-05-07 00:00:00

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