Israel: Lebanese Targets Fair Game in War with Hizbullah

(Jerusalem Post) Yaakov Katz - Israel will attack Lebanese government targets during a future war with Hizbullah, senior Israeli defense officials said, amid speculation that a war could erupt in the North following a future strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. "It was a mistake not to attack Lebanese government targets during the [Second Lebanon] War in 2006," a senior defense official explained. "We will not be able to hold back from doing so in a future war." After the outbreak of the 2006 war, the official said, the U.S. asked Israel to refrain from bombing Lebanese government targets so as not to weaken the prime minister at the time, Fuad Siniora, who was aligned with the West. "This will not be the same in the future, particularly now that Hizbullah and the government are effectively one and the same," the official said.

2012-04-11 00:00:00

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