Syria Upgrading Military Capabilities

(Jerusalem Post) Yaakov Katz - Syria recently declared two new Russian-made SA-17 surface-to-air missile batteries operational and deployed them along Syria's border with Lebanon. The truck-mounted mobile SA-17 has a range of 30 km. Syria has also tested the Yakhnot anti-ship missile in recent maneuvers, a sophisticated missile with a range of 300 km. The Israeli Navy is concerned about the possibility that it will also be transferred to Hizbullah. In recent months, Hizbullah is believed to have obtained several dozen more M-600 long-range missiles, as well as additional 302 mm. Khaibar-1 rockets, which have a range of about 100 km. Hizbullah already has a significant arsenal of M600s, which are manufactured in Syria as a clone of Iran's Fateh-110, and have a range of 300 km.

2012-04-06 00:00:00

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