Don't Bet Against Israel on Iran

(Daily Beast) Dan Ephron - Israeli officials are pushing back against the perception among analysts that its military lacks the capability to deal a significant blow to Iran's nuclear installations. Their remarks seemed calculated to counter reports like one in the New York Times last week that suggested Israeli planes would face huge challenges in reaching Iran and destroying its nuclear installations, which are buried deep in the ground and scattered throughout the country. "These reports don't tell the whole story," said one senior official. "If we need to do it, believe me, there are enough ways." A retired senior officer said: "People take us seriously because we have a record in these things. Nobody should doubt us." One official alluded to advanced technology that Israel possesses that could not be factored into the analysis of experts because it remains secret. Others said some skepticism always preceded Israel's major operations, including its 1981 attack on Iraq's nuclear plant. One former Israeli official, asked if Israel has the capability to deal a serious blow to Iran's program, said: "If not, why is everybody worried?"

2012-02-27 00:00:00

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