One Year Since the End of the Second Lebanon War

[Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center] UN Security Council Resolution 1701, passed August 12, 2006, created a new situation on the ground in southern Lebanon. For the first time a significant number of Lebanese army soldiers supported by an upgraded UNIFIL force deployed south of the Litani River. Hizbullah was deprived of its status as the dominant force in south Lebanon and restrictions were imposed on its freedom of action. On the other hand, the most essential provisions of Resolution 1701 have been left unattended: South Lebanon was not demilitarized and Hizbullah and the other terrorist organizations remained and were not disarmed. Iran and Syria continue replenishing Hizbullah's arsenal and rehabilitating its military force. The arms embargo has not been effectively enforced and weapons are steadily smuggled into Lebanon from Syria. No significant progress has been made on the issue of the abducted IDF soldiers. Once Hizbullah has completed its military rehabilitation, it is liable to renew its attacks against Israel. The rehabilitation of Hizbullah's military force again poses a rocket threat for Israel, familiar from the second Lebanon war and perhaps even more serious.

2007-08-14 01:00:00

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