Hizbullah Museum Celebrates "Divine Victory" Over Israel

[Los Angeles Times] Borzou Daragahi - In mostly Shiite southern Beirut, a ruined district subjected to Israeli airstrikes in last summer's war, Hizbullah has opened a museum called the House of the Spider to celebrate its "divine victory" and demonize Israel. It includes the re-creation of a Hizbullah guerrilla base, with mannequins in camouflage uniforms looking at maps of northern Israel and punching Israeli grid coordinates into laptop computers. Visitors navigate past the wreckage of Israeli tanks, captured Israeli walkie-talkies, a downed helicopter and bloodied boots. A television screen loops a video game in which a Hizbullah fighter hunts down enemy armor. Footage of exploding Israeli tanks plays inside a darkened theater.

2007-08-14 01:00:00

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