A Divine Victory for Disinformation: Questions about the Veracity of Lebanese Polls about Hizbullah

[Daily Star-Lebanon] Michael Young - One year after the summer 2006 war, we're not sure whether to celebrate Hizbullah's "divine victory" or bemoan the destruction of our country and its economy. That disconnect reflects the larger disconnect between Hizbullah and the rest of Lebanese society. Soon after the war began, a spectacular bit of disinformation surfaced when the Beirut Center for Research published a poll that allegedly showed overwhelming support for Hizbullah. Unfortunately, rare were the correspondents who could read Arabic and the question put to respondents: "Do you support the Resistance's opposition to the Israeli aggression against Lebanon?" More loaded a question would have required a firearms license, its answer obvious in advance, particularly when Lebanon was being bombed.

2007-07-13 01:00:00

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