Mobilize Now, Save the World

[Jerusalem Post] Natan Sharansky - Anti-Semitism has taken a quantum leap from isolated attacks against Jews to incitement to genocide - the actual elimination of the Jewish state. On one side, we have the Iranian regime, which is denying the Holocaust and calling for Israel to be "wiped off the map" while racing to develop the physical means of doing so. On the other side, we have what is, in effect, international silence in response, coupled with growing willingness to discuss Israel's existence as a mistake, an anachronism, or a provocation. The idea of a world without Israel is more acceptable in polite company, the media, and academia today than Hitler's expressed goal of a Europe without Jews was in 1939. The Jewish world now must mobilize at a level no less than during the struggles to establish the State of Israel and to free Soviet Jewry. Two decades after the massive Soviet Jewry rally of 1987, we need to return to the Mall in Washington on Israel's Independence Day in May with two messages: Support Israel and Stop Iran. An Iranian-led wave of terror is rising that will not stop until it is stopped. We stood up for Soviet Jewry and left the world a much better place for it. Now we must do the same to prevent a second holocaust, and in the process save the world.

2007-02-13 01:00:00

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