Anti-Semitism Cannot Be Tolerated. But, of Course, It Is

(National Review) Kathryn Jean Lopez - Anti-Semitism is an undeniable part of the war Islamic militants are currently waging on innocents the world over. As Gabriel Schoenfeld writes in The Return of Anti-Semitism: "The United States is now locked in a conflict with adversaries for whom hatred of Jews lies at the ideological core of their beliefs." Instead of being unacceptable - as it should be - all too often anti-Semitism is tolerated by civilized people who should be repulsed and outraged by it. It doesn't help the cause of good versus evil when the prime minister of Britain speaks after the London bombing and, in listing nations that have also fallen victim to Islamic terrorism, leaves out Israel (where bus bombings have long been a reality). You don't have to be anti-Semitic to be part of the problem.

2005-08-05 00:00:00

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