The Community Security Trust: On the Street, Standing Tall

[Telegraph-UK] Mary Wakefield - A 3,000-strong security force, almost invisible and ever-ready, works night and day to protect the Jewish community in Britain: the Community Security Trust. The CST is a charity, manned by volunteers trained in street-fighting and surveillance, and according to the Home Office, it's a role-model, in these uneasy times, for all Britain's communities. "The problems in the Middle East aren't going to disappear, and they provide a trigger for hate-crimes over here. We've got to take responsibility for our own community security," said Mark Gardner, the CST's director of communications. "We find out all sorts of useful information on the Internet. We learn a lot about the levels of anti-Semitism in the country from readers' comments on the Guardian website, actually. It's packed full of hysterical anti-Zionism," said Gardner.

2007-01-12 01:00:00

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