Anti-Semites Are Cruising for a Bruising

(New York Daily News) Sidney Zion - Just before he left to join the Coast Guard in 1942, Cousin Willy gathered us Jewish kids together to instruct us on how to deal with anti-Semitism. "A guy calls you a dirty Jew, never argue. Drop him on his keester, place your foot on his throat, and say, 'Explain.'" Willy never did college, so he couldn't spell dialogue, but the street taught him well that talk was dead, reason had nothing to do with Jew-baiting. What brings this fine old lesson to the front is the decision by Britain's leading higher education union to boycott two Israeli universities because of what it called the Jewish state's "apartheid" treatment of Palestinians. The South African whites imposed apartheid on the blacks, who were entirely innocent victims. The Arabs went to war five times against Israel, always with the stated intent to destroy it, and, having failed they refused to recognize the Jewish state, opting for terrorism instead of peace. Boycott the Brit universities. Don't fool around with discussions about academic freedom, because that ain't the issue. The guys and dolls who pulled this sick deal off want only to turn Israel into Palestine. It won't happen. But to make sure it doesn't, let's remember this: The only answer to a slap in the face is a kick in the teeth.

2005-05-13 00:00:00

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