Military Intelligence: Iran Will Cross Nuclear Threshold by 2009

[Ha'aretz] Amos Harel - Iran will cross the "technological threshold" enabling it to independently manufacture nuclear weapons within six months to a year and attain nuclear capability as early as mid-2009, according to IDF Military Intelligence. MI also believes Syria is readying for war with Israel, although it is not interested in starting such a conflict at this time. MI says Iran's nuclear program is the major threat facing Israel, followed by the danger of war with Syria and the possibility that Hizbullah will become involved. Palestinian terror is predicted to continue, but is not considered an existential threat. MI believes Hizbullah is not currently interested in another round of fighting against Israel. It has begun to recruit new fighters, but Shi'ite enthusiasm to join the force has lessened since the war and Hizbullah is drafting boys as young as 15 to fill its ranks.

2007-07-11 01:00:00

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