Rising UK Anti-Semitism Blamed on Media

(Guardian-UK) Chris McGreal- Britain suffered the sharpest rise in anti-Semitic attacks of any country last year, and British press coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a leading cause, according to an Israeli government report. Natan Sharansky, the cabinet minister responsible for the diaspora, said the Global Forum Against Anti-Semitism found that violent attacks on Jews in Britain rose by almost half. The total number of incidents in Britain rose to 304 from 163 a year earlier, when verbal assaults, damage to property, and swastikas daubing were taken into account. Tehila Nahalon, an adviser to Sharansky on anti-Semitism, said: "You can't brainwash people for four years that Israel is an illegitimate country and that Israelis are like the Nazis and that Israelis are monsters and expect that nothing will happen to Jews."

2005-01-26 00:00:00

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