Is Israel Ready for an Iranian Nuclear Era?

(Ynet News) Hanan Greenberg - "The Arrow [anti-missile] system is certainly an important aspect against any ballistic threat and certainly from Iran's direction," a senior defense official said. However, critics say a barrage of missiles could make the system ineffective. After all, it is enough that only one missile lands in Tel Aviv. The recently launched Eros B satellite is used to monitor Iran's nuclear program. "When it comes to Iran, all the information is relayed to the Americans," a security source says. "We must remember Iran learned from Iraq's mistakes," the security official concludes. "They're operating in several sites spread across the country and not all of them are known. They're operating in two different tracks. And who knows, maybe there's another secret track on the way to the nuke."

2006-05-10 00:00:00

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