Baby Martyrdom Culture among Shiites in Iran and Lebanon

(MEMRI) Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) reported on the Ashura ceremonies in Iran and Lebanon on Dec. 11, 2010: "Tens of thousands of mothers in the Islamic Republic of Iran marked what is known as 'the Day of the Infant Abdallah,' after the youngest martyr of Karbala. The ceremonies, which were held in over 1,000 Iranian towns and villages, reenacted the killing of Abdallah, the son of Imam Hussein, while in the hands of his father in the desert." One mother said, "We will complete the path of jihad. We hope that our children will continue along the path of Imam Hussein." Another said, "We have come here today in order to say to Imam Hussein: We will all make sacrifices for you. We will sacrifice our children for you."

2011-01-14 08:36:15

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