Getting Ready for Hizbullah

(Ynet News) Alex Fishman - The Scud missiles which Hizbullah reportedly received from Syria are meant for a specific objective. If they are Scud D type, this is apparently a threat on Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona. Its war will focus on firing rockets and missiles deep into Israel, over time. Hizbullah (as well as Hamas) is rapidly digging fortifications underground - bunkers, headquarters, control centers, and passageways between them. In the Second Lebanon War, the Air Force destroyed Hizbullah's long-range missiles within 35 minutes. Meanwhile, 50% of the rockets fired from short- and mid-range rocket launchers were destroyed before they were used, while the rest were destroyed immediately after the first attack. Hizbullah maintains an army of less than 20,000 men. The increase it aspires for, to at least 40,000 men, requires compromise on manpower quality. However, advanced weapons systems require strict maintenance and high technological capabilities.

2010-05-18 08:01:26

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