Hizbullah Has Violated Egypt's Sovereignty

(The National-UAE) Editorial - The sentencing of 26 Hizbullah members for planning attacks against targets in Egypt and operating on Egyptian soil has started a small storm. Twenty-two men are already in Egyptian custody and will serve sentences up to 15 years in jail. Mohammed Qabalan, the Lebanese leader of the cell, and two other senior operatives, have been sentenced to life in prison but they are on the run. Non-state actors do not have the right to single-handedly assume the powers of the state and endanger the nation, even less so when they are foreigners. Decisions that can escalate into war must remain in the hands of governments. People may disagree with Egypt and Jordan's decisions to make peace with Israel, but no one has the right to force a conflict detrimental to their interests, population and economy. Every state wants to control its territory and foreign relations. Hizbullah recklessly endangered both in Egypt.

2010-05-07 08:27:11

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