Iranian Revolutionary Guards Training Yemen Rebels

[MEMRI] The Saudi daily Al-Watan reported on Oct. 31 that Yemen had captured an Iranian ship smuggling armor-piercing weapons to the Houthi rebels. The sixth war between the Yemen military and the Houthis broke out about ten weeks ago. Senior Yemen officials say Iran is finding more and more ways of supporting the Houthis - through funds, weapons, and media support. Al-Watan reported that the Yemen government has information that "there are Houthi training camps in Eritrea, and in them there are units of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC); it is assessed that they are training the rebels and equipping them with weapons via the Eritrean port of 'Asab. [These units] are facilitating rebel movements from 'Asab port to Maydi port in Yemen - a distance of only a few kilometers." One Houthi commander, Sheikh Abdallah Al-Mahdoun, said in a newspaper interview that "the Houthis had received unlimited help in arms and supplies, under the oversight of the IRGC and also of experts from Hizbullah."

2009-11-05 06:00:00

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