Diplomatic Deception: Iran Seeking Fuel for Research Reactor Scheduled to Close Down

[New York Post] Amir Taheri - The Iranian regime's latest offer is a classic in diplomatic deception. The research reactor for which Iran is supposedly trying to find fuel is scheduled for de-commissioning next year. Located in Amirabad, now a densely populated Tehran neighborhood, the 5-megawatt reactor was built by America in the 1950s, with a lifespan estimated at 38 years. Since the reactor started full operation in 1967, it has already outlived its lifespan. America cut off supplies of enriched uranium for Amirabad after 1979. Iran then got fuel for the reactor from Argentina - until 1993, when a terror attack in Buenos Aires carried out by the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah wrecked the relationship. Since then, Iran has been buying enriched uranium on the black market.

2009-11-03 06:00:00

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