All Over Europe, Evidence of a Rise in Anti-Semitism

[Times-UK] Denis MacShane - The periodic crises that have shaken world capitalism in the past century and a half are marked by a common political phenomenon: the rise of political anti-Semitism. Attacks on Jews and Jewishness constitute the canary in the coal mine that tells us something is going seriously wrong. The UK's Community Security Trust reports as many attacks on Jews in the first weeks of 2009 as in the first six months of last year. As the world enters a new era of economic crisis, anti-Semitism is back. Is it unreasonable to argue that the reason that there is worldwide anger against Israel but not against other regimes or religions that carry out massacres of Muslims is because the Israelis are Jews? Jews are again made to feel they are not full citizens of the countries of their birth because they refuse to support the right of Hamas and Hizbullah to use terror attacks against Israeli civilians. The canary in the coal mine seems in danger of its life once again. Denis MacShane, MP, is a former Minister for Europe and the author of Globalizing Hatred: the New Anti-Semitism.

2009-02-17 06:00:00

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