The Latest Victory in an Intelligence War

[Toronto Star] Linda Gradstein - Israel's national obsession with Iran bore fruit last week when an Israeli naval crew captured a ship in the Mediterranean that contained thousands of rockets from Iran bound for Hizbullah in south Lebanon. "Israel sees Iran as the next Holocaust and they take that threat very seriously," said Hirsh Goodman of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University. "We are witnessing a major recovery of Israeli intelligence in the last few years vis-a-vis Iran, Hizbullah and Syria," said Ronen Bergman, a journalist and author of The Secret War with Iran. A former commander of the Israel navy, Maj.-Gen. Yedidya Ya'ari, told Ha'aretz that Israel's naval commandos have developed capabilities allowing them to take over naval vessels "in principle, anywhere in the world."

2009-11-10 06:00:00

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