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April 1, 2019       Share:    


Pitzer College Student Senate Calls for College President's Removal over Israel Study Abroad Program

(JTA) The Student Senate of California's Pitzer College has drafted a resolution calling for the removal of College President Melvin Oliver, after he decided to retain Pitzer's study abroad program in Israel against the recommendation of the Pitzer College Council, made up of students and faculty. The recommendation to suspend the study abroad program at Haifa University passed with 68 in favor and 25 opposing. Oliver rejected the motion, stating, "I am refusing to permit Pitzer College to take a position that I believe will only harm the College. The recommendation puts in place a form of academic boycott of Israel and, in the process, sets us on a path away from the free exchange of ideas, a direction which ultimately destroys the academy's ability to fulfill our educational mission." The college board of trustees in June 2017 overturned a Student Senate amendment enacting boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) regulations to Student Senate spending.

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