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March 29, 2019       Share:    


French Philosopher: Israel Is a Shining Example of a Liberal Democracy

(Los Angeles Jewish Journal) Bernard-Henri Levy interviewed by David Suissa - The certainty that you are right and that the other one is wrong is not a Jewish attitude. The Jewish attitude taught by the Talmud teaches that truth is always uncertain. To be a Jew means to have the conversation indefinitely open. As a philosopher, I can tell you that the very creation of Israel was a secular miracle, that it was, and it is, an everlasting exception to all the political rules. It never happened in the history of mankind that people decide overnight to make a state and to make it democratic, and that it works. I recently told a group of young partisans of the BDS movement, from the point of view of your liberal values, Israel, far from being despised, should be praised: the multi-ethnicity, the tolerance to the other, the transparency, the fight. Israel is one of the most shining examples of what liberal democracy can mean.

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