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February 12, 2019       Share:    


Ilhan Omar's Tweets Were Appalling. What Happened Next Was Inspiring.

(Washington Post) Dana Milbank - Ilhan Omar, the first-term Democratic representative from Minnesota, did something ugly Sunday, tweeting that wealthy Jewish interests were bribing U.S. lawmakers to sell out America. In addition to being false - the real power backing current Israel policy in the U.S. is evangelical Christianity - this is Protocols-of-the-Elders-of-Zion stuff. What happened next, though, was inspiring. Denunciations rained, not just from Jews and Republicans but from Democrats. On Monday, the Democratic House leadership issued a joint demand for an apology. Accusations that pro-Israel Americans are unpatriotic puppet-masters is vile. And though the BDS movement isn't necessarily anti-Semitic, it attracts those who are - and many who favor Israel's elimination. There is nothing wrong with criticizing the Israeli government. There is something very wrong with alleging the corrupting influence of American Jews, and with joining those who seek the Jewish state's destruction.

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