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December 13, 2018       Share:    


UK Band Cancels Concert in Israel Due to Threats by BDS Supporters

(Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs) Adam Shay - The UK Pink Floyd Experience, a Pink Floyd tribute band, recently announced that it will not perform three scheduled shows in Israel after BDS-poster boy Roger Waters, former front man for the original band, urged them not to play in Israel. Waters announced on Facebook he is "glad to welcome them into the BDS fold." Yet David Power, front man of the UK tribute band, replied, "Roger, as I pointed out to you, my concern was for my colleagues and the abuse and threats they were receiving as a result of your initial post." So it was fear, brought on by a frontal assault of abuse and threats ordered by Roger Waters, which prompted this cancelation. The writer is a senior program coordinator and researcher at the Jerusalem Center, specializing in battling the cultural boycott of Israel.

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